Monday, September 12, 2011

Dreams do come true sometimes!

Much has changed for me since I last wrote. It is amazing such big things can happen in such little time. In the wake of two funerals and much sadness and greiving much good has come. I did not do the show at the end of August. My daughter was full term pregnant and I had an aching heart. First good news: I witnessed her give birth to our fourth granddaughter, and both are well and beautiful! Thank God.  I did go ahead and list my sewing show items in the Etsy Shop I finally got up and runner on Sept. 2. (www.etsy/shop/oblations). I have sold two handmade items and today added some vintage treasure items for sale.

The biggest news is this though...I have a studio! Not only a studio, but in a space I have dreamed about spending my time since we moved back here. On the property we park our bus on, towards the back, is a large pond and next to it is a little cabin, about ten by twelve. The picture below is one I took of it three years ago when I first arrived. It was titled 'dreams'.
I love this spot on earth. I still get a shiver evertime I think about it, and a big grin everytime I walk down there. After three years of collecting bits and pieces and odds and ends at the thrift store I was blessed to work at I now have a place to put it all, and O what a place it is! My rent for this dream studio is maintaining the land around it which is a pleasure for me. I spent this morning wading in the pond cutting back the cattails that are threatening it. I spent several days last week pulling the blackberry vines, some forty feet up in trees, and uncovering a lovely rock wall that no one has seen in a long time. Unforturnately I also found some poison oak, but it is a small price to pay.

On the mornings I don't have domestic duties at the bus I put on my hat and walk across the field and down the hill to my STUDIO!  I try to spend some time working the land and some time creating everyday and I can't think of any life that would closer to heaven for me than this!

Check out my space...

I will update this pic soon. There is now alot more decoration to the outside too.
Can you believe this? I moved all this stuff down here with a took four days and 26 loads but there is a place for everything and I have a work table, a work bench and a desk. And when I get tired of those (if ever) I can curl up in my armchair and gaze at the pond.

It is just a great place to be. A real giant step up from the tent I have been using for a shop, and it doesn't leak! I don't have running water now, but the potential for it is close by, and I have a nice outhouse across the path for my other needs.

The pond is full of frogs and mesquito fish. Three ducks have summered here. I am waiting to see if they stay for the winter. There is also what I think I have identified correctly as a green heron, which the guide book says "appears to be blue". Go figure!

Here's something you don't see everyday! Heron tongue. This is one of those shots I didn't know I was getting until I went to edit it.

Well, I suppose that's enough news for this edition. I will add more pictures of the pond and my little piece of the world as I go. I should end with my first creation in the new studio. I love this little lady and secretly hopes she doesn't sell...atleast not too soon! I call her "Bondage" and tell her story at my Etsy shop:
etsy/shop/oblations.  Stop by and visit some time!

There is a music box mounted on the back that plays "Born Free" and the little propellor on top turns!

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