Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another month almost gone...

It seems like I have not had much time in the studio lately, and yet I have finished a few things and started another. My lady is by far the weirdest thing I have ever made, but I love her! She has a whole creation story that can be read at my etsy shop, where I have her listed for sale. She was great fun. Here she is in all her

as soon as she was finished I started working on a couple of bunnies...a mild project after the last! I had made  bunnies from this pattern back in the early 90's, for gifts. They were real popular and I saw one the other day when visiting my daughter and thought, what the heck...why not make some more to offer for I started a few. These will be carved, since I have the technology now to do that.

I also lost myself for a couple of days in a drawing that came as a surprise. I had no plan for it. I just had the urge last Sunday to draw a picture and it ended up taking me almost 2 full days! I think I will list it for sale, because- why not?

This is my vision of the Tree of Life. There is actually a bit of metallic ink and sparkles in the drawing but the camera won't capture it....

Spring has sprung here on the west coast and I can never resist pulling out the camera and taking pictures this time of year. I got a few good shots off this last week.

Aren't they lovely?

I will post a preview of the bunnies when they are ready to list...until then...

so long.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Busy in Ben Lomond

This update is dedicated to Mary Faith, who actually reads this blog! Thanks Mary Faith!

I have been busy of late, finishing up one big project and starting another. I keep forgetting to bring my camera to the studio to document steps, but I did get some to share. First off are two projects that I have just finished and listed in my etsy store...(

The first is another mobile, this one inspired by and decorated with Mexican art. These are challenging to make but I just love the way they brighten the air space. This one includes a vintage salt shaker at the very top, and ceramics from Mexico...birds, a cat, a couple of pots...I painted the spoon and fork using traditional Mexican folkart was a fun project.

The second piece I had started last summer and then lost my way with it. I couldn't figure out what to do to finish it. I woke up one morning a couple of weeks ago with new inspiration and it came together swiftly from there.

I am particularly proud of the framing I did, not being very good at carpentry or making anything square. It is not only square, but it is sturdy!

The frame sides are two sides to an old dresser. They have wonderful green peeling paint on them, which was the attraction for me!  The bottom and top are old yard sticks.

I was surprised how easy the final construction was. After thinking about it and procrastinating about tackling it, when I finally set about doing it the frame was done in an hour.

Below is the piece I had started in the summer. The background is vintage hankies, and such. On top of this there are copies of old photos (colorized by me) and over that are jewels, a glove, and a baby booty...all these I added recently. I had only the hankies and photos when I put is away last summer.

The brass spigot in the center perpetually drips little blue jewels. I titled this-Woman, the Fount of Life- I know it sounds corny but I was thinking about women when I made it, and how life does spring from us...(by the grace of God of course...but you know what I mean.) Women are amazing! I recently had the honor of watching my daughter give birth to my fourth granddaughter and I couldn't help but think what a bloody miracle it is that the human race has even gone on! I can't believe we are actually made to 'bounce back' after giving birth, or that anyone would want to do it more than once! Women ARE amazing! I have been blessed to know and inspired by so many strong and resilient women in my life... I was thinking of them when I put this together.

The finished piece also serves a purpose beyond just being cool!  I put hooks on the frame sides to hang jewelry or keys, and the ceramic heart bowl in the final picture below can hold rings or earrings. At the top, the half corks with button tacks serve as a place to stick photos or notes. The piece is the biggest I have done- 20 x 27.

I knew what I wanted to do once this project was done. I had purchased a styrofoam head at work that had been staring at me for a couple of weeks. I wanted to cover it and had a pretty good idea what with...until I started that is. It went from being a hard core looking male face to something else right off...and has been leading me around ever since!

This is how it looked yesterday. It has come a long way since then and I am having great fun going where it is taking me. This is not what I had envisioned when I started but it is getting cooler all the is a journey!

I imagine there will not be empty space when it is done. Next time in the studio I will carve out a little closet in back of the head where the skeleton is kept...oh what fun! I haven't named it yet, but imagine it will tell me its name by the time we are done. 

Sunday I was a bit under the weather so spent the morning laying in my outdoor recliner taking pictures of birds and stuff. Here are a couple I think I might use as backgrounds in something a long the way, and one of the redwoods that shade our bus, just cause I love them and thought they looked especially nice with the plane exhaust trail cutting across the sky.

My girlies often come to see me at the studio. It is a wonderland to them and I try to indulge them when I can because I can imagine how I would like to play in there if I were a fact I love to play in there now. I just don't get much done when they are about...

As you can see, this is not someone you would want to turn your back on!

I acquired a couple of good scores at the thrift store I work at last week. I may as well share them here, and then I will say good night...

I found the yellow rose which is fake but looks very real, even close even has wilting and dying flowers on it and it adds such a nice freshness and life to the corner by my chair...I also found those wonderful boots in the photo, called Woolenstocks, they are made out of felted wool and I think they are beautiful.

And this is my big purchase of the cannot have enough light in their life! Actually, pretty much everything in this photo I purchased at work. I love the shell covered box...that is a recent addition, and the precious vintage red and white mug, I just found it...but the lamp is the big prize. I went in to get my paycheck and there it was on the shelf priced way too low ( I would have tripled it!). With my half off discount for being an employee it not only was in the budget, but was just what I had been looking for. The colors and the flowers even match my chair... is good. 

Signing off for now...annie