Saturday, January 28, 2012


I had spent a rainy afternoon earlier in the week doodling on an art pad, something
I literally have not done in years. My doodling ended up being mostly words that
were on my mind at the time, but I thought I saw a profile in way they were laid
out. I don't have a scanner so I took a digital picture of my drawing and opened it
in my graphic art software where I added all sorts of fun stuff to the original drawing.
I ended up working on it for hours with no intention of doing anything with it....

And then: I was poking around in the blog world the other night and came across a blog at that offers a weekly challenge. I had never
been to this site before, but it just so happens that this weeks challenge is to create something
using primarily words! Well what do you know? I love it when stuff like that happens...

So I am submitting my fancy doodle because, heck, why not?

Monday, January 23, 2012

A New Year, Already, Again...

I have such good intentions, but when it comes to sitting down and taking the time to update this and my other internet endeavers and I can find almost any excuse to put it off. It is a rainy evening and I don't have a good book going so I will seize the boredom and be creative here.

I have some updated pictures of my work space, which continues to thrill me, and a couple of pictures of what I have been up to as of late. I have a real fun project going now...I meant to take pictures of the process, something I keep forgetting to do, but I will get some up here as it comes together...

One good wind storm and fall abruptly ended this year. This week we had our first real rain of the season and the 6 inches that fell translated to a very full pond. The mallards are loving it and I am loving watching them!

I made the awning over the door this summer from redwood branches and bailing wire and then strung it with the sweetest bird lights and lanterns. I was trying a new paint technique involving vasolene on the bird house...not something I will probably try again but it looks okay up there. Come on in...

This is the view of my desk from my armchair in the corner. Its a good thing I don't work at the desk because there isn't much room left. Mostly I just sit there watching the ducks and looking at all the cool stuff littering the surface.

When I took these pictures I wanted to record the changes I have made, but I waited so long to list them that I have already made more changes. I guess like me and all of is a work in progress.

I don't go long without inspiration. I just walk around until something catches my eye and go...

I have been having glue dates with my lovely granddaughters, one on one, and it is great fun watching them sort and choose what they would like to glue...Last Sat. was my middle granddaughters turn and she make this breathtaking work of art all by herself...

and her lovely older sister made this one the week after Christmas. They are quite the mixed media artists!

I love religious art of any kind. It all started with the holy cards in Catholic school. I have been collecting for awhile and am thrilled to have an alter corner to display it and enjoy it.

It all helps me stay focused, and God know I need all the help I can get!

I made this box for myself. It's window reminded me of a Catholic confessional so I went with that and covered the whole box with pictures that have meaning to me. Inside I mounted a nightlight. Instead of fearsome priest of my olden days, I have Jesus suspended by threads and reminding me that I am far as the east is from the west...

And this is what I have most recently been working on...mobiles. I made this one for my brother. He sent me a picture of it hanging in the solarium he just built off his front room. It looks good!

Photos just don't do these justice. I have sold one on etsy but for the most part am frustrated with what is lost in the pictures...they are a sight to behold...This  week I finished another one with a Mexican art theme that turned out pretty good. I have to photograph it yet but when I do I will try and post some shots here. That one will be listed at my etsy shop as soon as I quit procrastinating about getting it up there!