Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ah, Spring at Last

This is my season. My body works best this time of year, after the cold, before the heat. Just like the bulbs that have wintered over, I come alive and for about 5 weeks, getting dirt under my fingernails and scratches on my shins. I have been busy rescuing perennials from waist high grass, building a little fence around my little studio and planting a little garden, and weed wacking the back 40. I have attached a few pictures of the beauty around me and some progress both in the studio and out for your viewing enjoyment.

some things just speak for themselves... should smell them!

First of the season...

I don't think there is even a name for this color!

Today on the pond next to my studio I happened to catch a duck doing what ducks almost looks like a swan! Do I not live in a most beautiful place? A little garden of Eden, it is.

This is a shot looking up into the redwood stand right across from our bus. Magnificent!

The forget-me-nots are wonderful this year. I cannot bare to weedwack them when they are contributing such lovliness, however, in three weeks there will be 10 nasty burrs to every one flower. There have got to go soon...Oh, spring blooms for such a short time...

such simple beauty...such nasty burrs.

I planted some perenials and put up this fence around the studio this weekend. I am hoping there is enough sun for the lavender, salvia and butterfly bush I planted. I will have to water them with water from the pond.

This is the church I attend framed in magnolia blooms. This was taken a couple of weeks ago...they are almost gone now...sigh.

I have been working on creating some product for my etsy site. I have sold quite a few of these repurposed altoid box sewing kits. This time I also added 3 kits with manicure items, bandaids, ect...I wonder if they will be as popular. Time will tell... here they are.

I hope to get these listed along with some other goodies this weekend.

Enjoy the spring my friends...soon the heat of summer will make it a distant memory!

till next time, annie