Sunday, April 27, 2014

April in the Mountains

Today dawned thick with foggy rain and chill but by noon the sun was out and the steam was rising. There is nothing like a spring rain to make a garden grow...

There are no adequate words...just enjoy the splendor

The garden is coming into its own, a little fuller each year and returning all on its own volition. All I do is pull some weeds and splash some water... oh what a wonder it is!

Even the foxtails are bejeweled after a spring rain. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

The summer digs are shaping up nicely. When you live in an 8x32 foot space with a man and a dog you spend as much time outside as weather will allow. It makes for a nice enough  life.

 I have been amusing myself in the garden with a variety of thrift store finds, and I have only just begun. My husband said he wanted an art garden. When I asked for a clearer definition he said, "You know, what you do with stuff, its artsy." He only need ask once!

Here is my latest find...this little guy weighs about 30 pds and is about a foot tall. He had to live with question about it!

This is not an up to date picture, but this is my life for now. I am here five days a week which is why I have not posted new art of any kind. Tis only for a season or two. Even though I spend a good deal of my off time dog tired, I am blessed to have a job I really do enjoy. I spend my days hunting for antiques and collectibles, and find all sorts of junk and treasures along the way. So for now, it is all about the paycheck, and the garden. 

Spring always seems to hold such promise. 

Maybe someday it will be all about the studio and the garden...if time allows. 

Well thanks for poking your head in...

that's all for now.

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  1. Wonderful pictures! What a cozy spot you have. Thanks for sharing it with us!